I am Fiona Gulec @Reikifig.com. I am a London based Reiki Master Practitioner and Energy Healer, Teacher, Mentor and Artist. I help people achieve their ultimate Physical and Mental Wellbeing, heal and free themselves and to discover their true path.  

Over the years I have developed the technique of combining Reiki healing, sound vibrations, breath and crystals to raise each person’s vibrational energy for optimal health. Also as a  Reiki Animal healer I can assist with the healing and comforting of a range of animals.

I founded Reikifig.com so I could share and teach my knowledge and experience, as well as a way of learning about Reiki and my treatment sessions. Through my devised workshops and courses people learn how to teach themselves self healing and how to feel connected to life, energy and belief again. These workshops include; Reiki and Vibrational Energy healing, Expressive Art and Colour, Vibrational healing and Reiki practitioner training courses. 

“My vision is to heal people by raising  their vibrational energy and  physical, mental, and spiritual well being, so they can lead a more joyful and peaceful life”.

Through this website you can access information about my Reiki sessions and treatments, my monthly Reiki shares, workshops and courses, access useful links and have a read of all my wonderful  clients testimonials.