Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible– St Francis of Assisi


This course enables you to use Reiki healing symbols and to do distance healing.

The fee for Reiki Level 2 is £129.

Level 1 is a one-day course (7 hours) 10am -5pm.
In this course you will receive an authentic, individual Reiki Level 1 attunement. This is an energy transmission that enables you to “channel” the Reiki healing energy. You will also receive a Reiki Level 1 course manual, Usui Reiki recognised certificate, ongoing post course support by email or telephone.


  • what Reiki is, its history, Mikao Usui and how it came to west.
  • insights into the nature of disease, why people get ill and how they can heal.
  • what and where the chakras are and how to work with them.
  • techniques for aura cleansing (“Kenyoku Ho” in Japanese) and grounding.
  • Reiki breathing and visualisation, feeling the Reiki energy
  • what a Reiki attunement (“Reiju” in Japanese) is and what it does.
  • Attunement
  • Lots of practical experience. Paired work.
  • the hand positions for giving others a Reiki treatment and for self-healing
  • the structure of a healing session, how to prepare the space, yourself (“Hatsurei Ho” in Japanese) and the receiver
  • an introduction to “Byosen” and “Byosen Reikan Ho” (energy scanning technique)
  • how to use Reiki for healing pets, growing plants, energising your food, crystals.
  • the benefits of Reiki and how it complements other therapies.
  • the Five Reiki Principles (“Gokai” in Japanese)


How to book this course:

Send me a message or call on:

‘What’s App’ / Email / text.

Mobile: 07825 424451

Cash, or online via paypal (Fiona Gulec 07825 424451). Or a PayPal message request can be sent to your mobile.
Payment full amount at time of booking or up to and including day of course.


Cancellation policy:
Please note, if you need to cancel, then a full refund is given up to 24 hours before the course starts. After, 90% of the full amount of the course will be refunded.