“Reiki is Love, Love is wholeness, wholeness is balance, balance is well-being, well-being is freedom from disease”.– Dr Mikao Usui

My name is Fiona Gulec and I am a Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki Teacher. I am also a Registered Practitioner with the CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council) and a Member of the UK Reiki Federation.

People come to experience Reiki with me for such a wide range of reasons. So it’s benefits I would like to share with you now, so you may also consider how it may truly benefit you.

I love the practice of Reiki as I can see the immediate impact it has. What a wonderful feeling it is for me to witness the transformation of positive energy in clients, from pre to post session. It is every time individual. Every time unique. Reiki raises the vibrational energy in people so they are able to see clearly their positive life choices or feel relief from physical complaints. Sometimes just one session is enough for a client to feel positive in their lives again or to be relieved from discomfort. Sometimes three or four sessions consolidates or heals more deeply and permanently.

How Reiki works. Reiki is given fully clothed in a quiet environment. It is safe for adults, children, mothers-to-be, babies and animals. The client sits or lies down. Then I will either lay my hands on you or over you to increase your energy flow and vibrational frequency of your body to initiate the healing process. This will often be where your main energy centres or chakras are, which are also the physical locations of your endocrine system. Reiki activates your bodies own natural ability to heal, and this works at all levels; physically, emotionally, spiritually.

During Reiki almost all people will feel a deep sense of relaxation and deep peace. Occasionally, in reaction to the body’s needs, clients can feel abound with energy after.

So why come to see me for Reiki? It may be you feel depleted of energy, out of sorts or have lost confidence in where you are going in life. It may be because of difficulty in releasing past events. You may want to gain confidence in your communication skills to speak out more, or to be heard. Physical symptoms like IBS or painful body parts can be supported to heal quicker, alongside an overall rebalancing of the body for stronger health and mind. Reiki is a powerful complimentary therapy.

My personal view of Reiki is that it is not just a therapy that people can turn to for improved body and mind health. Reiki and hands on healing initiates a far deeper understanding of self healing, peace, stability and positivity. It creates a feeling of being connected again.

So please feel free to call or email me to discuss any queries you may have, or to book an appointment. I look forward to you finding you again!

Cash, or online via paypal (Fiona Gulec 07825 424451). Or a PayPal message request can be sent to your mobile.
Payment full amount at time of booking or up to and including day of treatment.

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