Reiki & Crystals

During a Reiki treatment I may ask you if I can use crystals in this session. Sometimes I won’t use any crystals, sometimes a few, sometimes more.

I decide this after I have scanned your body. This process of scanning the body in Reiki is called ‘Biosen’ and it is where the practitioner will gently hover their hands over the body to detect areas of physical, or energetic blockages.  After I have done this I may feel that a specific crystal will enhance the balancing and healing at this specific point more acutely. This is when I will ask you if I may use the crystals. You can feel free to receive this or decline. If you want I can share with you what I’m using, its properties and why.

If agreed I will then place the crystal stones on the treatment table around your body. You will not notice them on you or next to you, but during the session most people will feel a pleasant additional tingling, on their body, near the location of the placed crystal.

After I have finished the reiki session, and you are coming back to the world again slowly, from your peaceful and harmonizing Reiki experience, I will remove the crystals gently from around you, whilst you are still lying down. Usually people like to take a lovely few minutes to drift back again to this world!

There is no additional fee for this practice as its integral to who I am and also my energy healing practice. Reiki can be just as effective for you without the use of crystals, as it is your own body and energy system that is activated and healing you during Reiki. It’s just I have a good relationship with crystals and we enjoy working together as a team for maximum impact, fulfilment and relief!

Examples of crystals I use are:

Clear quartz, amethyst, citrine, carnelian,  obsidian, shungite.


One other interesting factor that I would like to point out, which helps to explain the wonderful resonance between living beings and quartz crystals. Biological science is beginning to realize that several substances and membranes within the human body seem to function as liquid crystals. Marcel Vogel, a well-known researcher at IBM for over 26 years, has found that by cutting a quartz crystal in a very precise manner, it can be turned vibrationally to the exact frequency of water. Since the human body is made up largely of water, it is not surprising that we resonate so well with quartz crystals when they are used for healing purposes”.

Exert from: ‘Empowerment through Reiki’, by Paula Horan. Published by Lotus Light.Shangri-La 1998.