I was very open to the idea of Reiki but wasn’t sure what to expect. Fiona made me feel very at ease, explaining everything and answering all of my questions. After my sessions I felt wonderful. I recommend Reiki with Fiona 100%’.
Following the death of my mother in January I received a series of Reiki treatments with Fiona Gulec. The treatments were very relaxing & calming. I found that through the individual treatments my breathing went from being shallow & disruptive to a steady & deep pace. I was able to relax & open my body again & able to let the feelings, tension & pain trapped in my body move & gradually dispel. I was able to locate where emotional pain was being held, some of which was very, very old. I found the whole experience gentle & subtle yet profound & hence I felt able to integrate the opportunities to be different that it presented me with. I felt lifted after the treatments, more open & grounded. This was lasting and accumulative over the series of treatments. I believe the treatments helped me to integrate the experience of my mother’s death in a calm & ultimately positive way. The experience was enlightening & felt truly meaningful. Thank you Fiona
Fiona, Thank you so much for today’s treatment. I feel as if a whole mountain has been lifted off my shoulders. You have an incredible gift. You helped me in realising what has been going on in my life. Thank you
I have had many Reiki treatments over the years and I have to say that Fiona’s treatments always take me to a place of deep relaxation and healing, where I can actually feel energy shifting in my body. She is amazingly intuitive and empathic and able to accurately sense where I have stress in my body and environment
I have had several Reiki sessions with Fiona, which not only have been relaxing, I have been relieved from many of my aches in my shoulders and also benefitted from less stress and my headaches have also been almost erased completely. I have almost fallen asleep, they are so therapeutic! I would thoroughly recommend Fiona as a first class Reiki Master’
I have found Fiona Gulec’s Reiki treatments to be of enormous benefit. I always feel deeply relaxed after a treatment and I can’t recommend her highly enough
I had started suffering from daily anxiety attacks, especially first thing in the morning. I had been recommended by someone to try Reiki to help me. I did not think it would to be honest as I had tried a lot of coping strategies and also CBT. Firstly Fiona asked me some questions that made me think in a way I hadn’t before. Even this helped me to control it. When she started the Reiki I could feel strong peaceful sensations in my stomach and a changing in my breath. My breathing became easier and I felt a positive shift in my energy. After just this first session my anxiety was smaller, softer and now manageable. Since then my anxiety has improved and I can manage it better. I am now looking forward to my follow up session which I know now will help to reduce it further
I had been suffering from acute IBS and also eczema on my hands, both ailments resulting from auto-immune deficiency syndrome from which I have been suffering for years. The Reiki session with Fiona lasted for 45 minutes. She took time to talk with me and explain the process which I really appreciated. During the session I felt incredibly relaxed and experienced a tingling  all over my body and especially on my scalp. Later as Fiona’s hands hovered over my tummy I experienced a warm tingling sensation similar to being in the sun. Afterwards I felt relaxed and very peaceful. The session definitely helped and I would have Reiki again’
Would I recommend Reiki. Not necessarily. Would I recommend Reiki with Fiona Gulec. Absolutely, without a doubt, yes. My experiences with Fiona have been unlike any other I have witnessed in my 58 years as a human being on Earth. The profound effect has led me to insights beyond which I thought were possible and as a consequence my day to day life is and continues to be richer and more colourful than ever before with no end in sight to the ever-growing awareness of how limitless, with countless opportunities, our lives can be. She showed me my comfort bubble and then showed me the vast, endlessness of what lies beyond. That is where the magic happens… And happen it does!
Fiona’s passion for the power of Reiki is infectious. I have had contact with Reiki at many moments in my life but the way Fiona has introduced the practice of Reiki is more comprehensive, accessible and full of love than I have ever experienced before. Moreover, she deals with the real-life effects of level 1 attunement with responsibility and sensitivity and has given me a toolbox and confidence to continue my practice within my own life. Highly recommended
Fiona is an exceptionally gifted healer. Her warm and caring attitude is a great tonic in itself. After a session of Reiki with Fiona I feel lighter, calmer and very peaceful. I also sleep much better. If you are considering some radical self-care I would highly recommend Fiona as her work is deeply transformative. She is also very perceptive and can give recommendations for life which have long term benefits. I owe her a huge debt of gratitude for renewing my optimistic outlook and appetite for life
Fiona is a charismatic Reiki Master and it’s evident that her ability to work with energy grew naturally. I decided to see her for a Reiki therapy since I have been under pressure in taking decisions which has had affected my sleep. With her calm but powerful palms, Fiona could locate the areas that needed rebalancing; during this time I was able to feel her healing energy deeply in both a physical and energetic level. Since I had my therapy session with Fiona I feel a lot calmer and more assertive also my sleeping patterns have improved. Fiona is a kind and generous therapist but most importantly she is excellent in creating a safe and comfortable environment for her clients.